Art therapy

If you find yourself even slightly curious about creative therapies then there is a good chance there is a very creative side of you waiting to emerge.

Art making can take therapy to new world within, that is unique to you. 

Using creativity to put the negative ‘’stuff’’ onto something outside of you, such as a piece of paper, can be very healing and can deepen your therapy.

Studies have shown that art making taps into parts of our brain we don’t use just by talking, so quite often Art Therapy can reconnect client’s to deeper parts of themselves and what is important to them.

paper, brush, color

Key Benefits of Art Therapy

  • It evokes mindfulness, an essential tool in helping us remain calm in difficult or challenging situations.
  • It can also help us to be present and still, helping us stay in the here-and-now and feeling some sense of peace.
  • It promotes healing by safely accessing painful memories and unresolved traumas in safe way
  • Provides self-reflection and self-discovery by mirroring back to us part of our selves in what we create.
  • Enhances creativity through exercising the part of our brain used to problem solve, get practical and resourceful;
  • Builds resilience and self-esteem, the more you use creative practices to connect and valid yourself, the less you need from others outside of you.

This video is a small insight and example into the world of Art Therapy, along with a client’s perspective. 

Many can benefit from the properties art making has, especially when combined with counselling and psychotherapy.

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Common Questions

 With the help of a webcam, camera or even a phone, we can create an art therapy session online. If this is something that you are looking for please get in touch and I will talk you through how we work with Art Therapy in online sessions.

Not at all!

Art and creative therapies are not under the same kind of scrunity, assessment and restrictions as in school. It is about expressing ourselves in a pure, unfiltered way, which can sometimes look messy, chaotic or even childlike. The way we look at your creations is with care, kindness and curiosity, without judgement. 

All you need is a pencil or a pen and some paper to get started! But if you have more materials than this lying around, such as paints, collage materials, craft items, clay/plasticine, then great! 

Some tech-savvy clients may also feel comfortable using their graphic tablets or iPads to create art work off of. Although the experience is different, if you would prefer to create digital art, this can be worked with in session also! 

You don’t have to! No one is forced to make art every session, sometimes you may just want to talk and do Art Therapy every now and then. We go with what works for you.

Fees for one-to-one, online Art Therapy sessions start from £80 (approximately NZD $160) per session. I offer discounted rates for concessions and students, please get in touch for more information.

If you’re unsure whether Art Therapy is suitable for you, we can discuss your options in an initial consultation. If you have any questions that weren’t answered here, get in touch.

Interested in Art Therapy? Make your free booking for an initial consultation to discuss more about start beginning Art Therapy sessions.