Art as Healing: The Art of being an Ally


A closer look into racial trauma, ‘white fragility‘, ‘white guilt‘ and allyship, using art therapy exercises to process and deeply explore the feelings around these issues.

In this workshop, we will be looking at what it means to be a ‘good-enough ally’, through understanding racial trauma, white fragility, privilege and white guilt, paired with using nurturing art therapy exercise to unpack, hold and deepen the approach to these issues.

You will:

– Delve more into racial trauma, ‘white fragility‘ and ‘white guilt

– Recognize the behaviours and perpetuations of racial and cultural trauma

– Explore what it means to be an ally and how to be a part of social healing

– Practice art therapy skills and exercises for issues around race

– Practice art therapy skills to continue using when you need to outside the workshop

– Establish a sense of community within the workshop

You will need:

• Paper of your choosing

• Pencils and/or pens of your choosing

• Watercolours or acrylic paints (optional)

• Crayons or pastels (optional)


*You don’t need any experience in mental health or trauma work to attend this workshop, just an open mind and some curiosity.

*Experience in art making is not necessary for this workshop. This is for therapeutic purposes only. 

*This live online workshop was recorded on 25/06/2021. A private link to the full recording of the workshop will be sent to you upon purchase. 

*This workshop equates to 1.5hrs of CPD.