Art as Healing: Intergenerational trauma


Explore the topic of inter-generational trauma through the parental, generational and ancestral experiences of race and adversity in this creative, art therapy-based workshop.

This session, we will be looking at the topic of generational & cultural trauma, understanding the handing down of trauma inter-generationally in our histories and ancestry. Using art therapy exercises, we will nurture this issue, giving space and acknowledge to these parts of our identities, whether this brings pride or pain, and encourage emotional healing.

You will:

– Learn about inter-generational trauma, cultural and historical trauma through parental, generational and ancestral experiences of adversity.

– Reflect on your own, and others’, experiences with this particular type of trauma, raise the awareness of the baggage, strengths and support we have from this.

– Understand the importance of this trauma to our experiences of identity, racial and cultural acceptance within ourselves and others

– Use art therapy tools and exercises to deepen exploration and cultivate healing

– Learn skills that you can continue using when you need to after the workshop

– Establish a sense of belonging and community within the workshop

You will need:

• Paper of your choosing

• Pencils and/or pens of your choosing

• Watercolours or acrylic paints (optional)

• Crayons or pastels (optional)

• Collage: Photocopies or original photos or news clippings (optional)


*You don’t need any experience in mental health or trauma work to attend this workshop, just an open mind and some curiosity.

*Experience in art making is not necessary for this workshop. This is for therapeutic purposes only. 

*This live online workshop was recorded on 25/06/2021.  All voices, names and commentary of the participants have been removed to retain their privacy and confidentiality. A private link to the full recording of the workshop will be sent to you upon purchase. 

*This workshop equates to 1.5hrs of CPD.