Art as Healing: For racial & cultural trauma


Here we explore racial and cultural trauma, its effects and the link to PTSD symptoms in our lives. Using Art Therapy based-exercises we cultivate some trauma healing.

This workshop is one the Art as Healing series that gives space to the importance of racial and cultural trauma. We look at this through various lenses in our workshops: emotional, physical, societal, historical, psychological & neurobiological, to name a few.

In this workshop, we are providing a safe space for individuals to learn more about racial trauma, its affects or even perpetuation of this in themselves. Participants will take part in therapeutic exercises from the field of Art Psychotherapy to deepen healing, provide self-care and resilience.

You will:

  1. Discuss and explore racial and cultural trauma experiences, its effects and presentations in our lives.
  2. Have a taste of Art Therapy and the importance of creativity in trauma healing
  3. Participate in Creative Therapy activities that you can continue to use for yourself at home
  4. Learn some new coping and resilience skills for yourselves and others
  5. Be a part on this online community

You will need:

• Paper or card of your choosing

• Pencils and/or pens of your choosing

• Watercolours or acrylic paints (optional)

• Crayons, markers or pastels (optional)

• Collage materials (optional)

This workshop is best suitable for:

Those affected by racial and cultural issues. Those affected by the responses to the increased attention of black pain, Stop Asian Hate movement, police brutality, institutional racism, the Black Lives Matter and indegenious empowerment movements. Those who have curiosities, shame and other issues about their ‘difference’. Those who find it hard to explore these issues with others without judgment, dismissal or conflict. Those who want to celebrate their non-Eurocentricity. Anyone experiencing ‘activist burnout’.


*You don’t need any experience in mental health or trauma work to attend this workshop, just an open mind and some curiosity.

*Experience in art making is not necessary for this workshop. This is for therapeutic purposes only.

*This live online workshop was recorded on 21/05/2021.  All voices, names and commentary of the participants have been removed to retain their privacy and confidentiality. A private link to the full recording of the workshop will be sent to you upon purchase. 

*This workshop equates to 1.5hrs of CPD.